“Much like the Los Straitjackets' Jet Set record, it hearkens to a mid-century feeling of stress-free exploration through sound.” Stormsurgeofreverb.com – Storm Surge of Reverb

"This fine Belgian surf band is back with another winner – 11 new songs to show off their variety of sounds – I hear psych, reggae, Middle Eastern, Bollywood, spaghetti Western and more – with original use of effects and fine playing. Some wink-wink innuendo about the Mile High Club. Solid, great fun!" Cousin Mary – KFJC 89.7 FM (USA)

“I strongly recommend it for anyone into surf, space and a touch of mid-'60s Super Psychedelics.” Alan Taylor – Pipeline Magazine (UK)

To their fantastic tour last summer that included a performance at Tiki Oasis 12, Los Venturas present a top-notch of 7 new track, recorded at none other than Pete Curry's Pow-Wow Fun Room in LA, on sonically gold vinyl! Standouts include the pure 60s beach-party "Beach Bunny". Jonpaul Balak – Tiki Magazine (USA)

While on tour in the USA, they wowed fans and also recorded some tracks that resulted in this excellent 2013 album. First-rate playing and some unusual effects give their music an original sound. Listen for space themes, middle Eastern influences, sitar-like guitar, and some very cool drumming. Fun! Cousin Mary – KFJC 89.7 FM (USA)

“On A Market in Beirut” y “What About Uranus” ofrecen un infalible combo de sintetizadores, cítaras, saxofón y guitarra jaguar que es imposible resistirse. Diego Álvarez Rex – Indie Rocks (Mexico)

De futuristische exotica van ‘What About Uranus’ is dan weer een versmelting van 50’s science-fiction-effecten en ‘Peter Gunn’. Hun Versie van de jazzklassieker ‘Caravan’ deint perfect mee op deze surfgolf. Georges Tonla Briquet – Rifraf Magazine(BE)

Ja, Los Venturas doen inderdaad hun eigen ding, altijd beter dan jezelf herhalen of anderen klakkeloos copiëren. Frantic Franky – Boppin’ Around (NL)

Saw these guys a couple of times in California in August, 2012. Once at the Surf Guitar 101 Convention and at Tiki Oasis. They blew the lid off of both venues! Really different, intricate take on "surf" instrumental. They can't be pigeonholed! Excellent band and I hope they stay together forever! Miles 1350 – iTunes customer review

“The band presents a whopping fourteen instrumentals on Kaleydoskop, with thirteen of them being unique compositions and one truly inventive rendition of a well-known tune that hasn't been considered all too often in recent times, let alone during the sunset phase of vintage Exotica, but shines in polished colors: the theme of Lawrence Of Arabia! And this won't be the only signature tune, I swear! Expect catchy riffs, occasional field recordings, Tiki jungles, fulminant drums, enough room for improvisations and less so for improvements.” Björn Werkmann – AmbientExotica

“It’s shagadelic, baby!” Frantic Franky – Boppin’ Around

“Belgian guitar band Los Venturas recorded this set at the Powow Fun Room in Los Angeles with Pete Curry producing, Ron Dziubla guesting on some subtle sax and organ, and Dave Wronski contributing a few “tips and tricks”. Regular readers will gather from this information that Los Venturas are a class act and they will expect a top notch outcome. They won’t be disappointed. This is an excellent album, it has a beautifully clear sound with excellent production that’s matched by a superb vinyl pressing.” Alan Taylor – Pipeline Magazine

“This is a splendid EP from a great band. The sounds are exuberant and exhilarating. You cannot listen and avoid the grin!” Phil Dirt – reverbcentral

“This is quite a nice CD from Belgium's Los Venturas. they are using ska and other elements on some tracks, and overall have created a unique and recognizable sound. Very tasty!” Phil Dirt – reverbcentral

“Los Venturas' Surfers Brew is saturated, sounds fantastic and offers the right mixture of aggression, dreaminess and lonesomeness” Björn Werkmann – AmbientExotica

“This is the first album from Los Venturas, with 15 listed tracks and one surprise at the end. they have a happy surf combo sound that's hard not to like. They play mostly on the lighter side, but with energy and sparkle.” Phil Dirt – reverbcentral

“Los Venturas show off a Southern California style surf melody structure and a sound that hints of Jon and the Nightriders, but with less spunk and richness. A fine single well worth seeking out.”Phil Dirt –reverbcentral