Los Venturas

Penetrating Guitar Instros ™

Since their start as a cover band named ‘Harley and the Revtones’ in 1998, this group has undergone several metamorphoses. To start of with pure Dick Dale covers, over 60s tinted own compositions and end up with a varied musical selection in which modern ideas consist with influences from 60s surf, regae/rocksteady, soul, ska, groove, raï and rock’n’roll.


Los Venturas was born in the winter of 1999. Led by Sébastien Fevry (guitar) the band kicked of in 2000, playing both national and international gigs with interpretations of surf classics in addition to their own compositions. In 2001 certain tunes appeared on a vinyl EP called ‘Sharkfest’. Shortly after an organist joined the band, adding a new dimension to the music. Having composed enough material for a full CD the band decided to travel to Liam Watson’s Toe Rag Studios in London. No more than two days it took (them/the crew) to record and mix 15 songs that appear on their first album as ‘Aloha Summer’ in 2003 under the Surf Waves Records label. The album was received with wide open arms in the scene.

After yet another trade of lead guitarist, the band opted resolutely for the abolition of the standards that apply within the surf genre, like a clear distinction between lead and rhythm guitar, and left instead more impressions of different styles. This led to a new approach of their music, targeting danceable grooves. Consequently, their concerts evolved from a passive listening experience to an enjoyable party. Christoph Boost and Michael Schots on the guitars, Andy Wellens on bass and Pieter Dedoncker on drums proves to be a golden combo, which can be heard on ‘Besame Mucho’, the CD-single released in 2007.

In 2008 the band crossed the ocean for the first time on a quest for the roots of their music. During their 20-day tour through California they visited the Powow Fun Room studio of Pete Curry and nailed down five tracks. A year later the band decided to revisit the studio to record some more material aiming at the release of another full album. ‘Kaleydoskop’ was released as vinyl + mp3 under Green Cookie Records in 2011. The record shows that the group remains faithful to their roots but accepts once more the challenge of fearlessly mixing surf music with other influences, such as European traditional music. Again they mark their originality and identity in the surf scene.

In the summer of 2012 the band crossed the Atlantic anew for a three-week tour in California, playing at the SG101 Convention, America’s most prominent surf music festival, amongst others. During this tour the band visited Pete Curry’s studio as well, resulting in a golden 10” called ‘Paisley Beach’ (Green Cookie Records). This album demonstrates that their search for fusion is far from over and manages to deliver another fresh mix between eastern and western sounds.

One month before the release of this album, the band attracted a fifth member once more. Christof Cleynhens reinforced the band with Hammond power and additional percussion. The arrival of a new sound and a fresh creative mind, motivated the band to continue their search for instrumental groove. As a result new compositions emerged with strong influences of beat, soul and garage blended with the typical surf reverb sound. Thus the band yet again proved that vibe dominates pretence and groove overruled muscular double-picked shredding riffs.

In the summer of 2015 the band crossed the Atlantic once more for a tour in California and Mexico. Of course they payed a visit to The Powow Fun Room. This resulted in one of the most experimental studio recording session the band has ever done, using a lot of different amps, drums, guitars and organs that Pete had collected over the years. The result was printed on skyblue vinyl, named ‘Miles High’. This collection of 11 tracks ranging from pure exotica to power stomp will be released under Green Cookie Records in June 2016.

The philosophy of the band is simple: their message is their music. They live to serve the right vibes to have one hell of a party and provide the people with loads of fun. Over the years they have been presenting their adventurous instro all over Europe/ in Belgium, Italy, England, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic and even California and Mexico could not resist their charm.

They will not stop to seek even farther…